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If you have came to this page, then you might be considering a career in Film directing. Right! If you have always loved to watch movies and gets an idea of telling stories then definitely film direction course in pune will make your name at night. Because successful fim relies much more on directors and their talent under the spotlight. As film directing is broadest, everyone is developing a talent required for films and dreaming to work on big screens.


What is film directing?

Film directing is an art in itself, means an individual called director who makes a film as per script or screenplay written. A film director is also being observed as an author of the film. A film directing involves planning, controlling a film's artistic as well as dramatic aspects, visualize the screenplay and executing for the fulfillment of vision as making film successful. And a film director have an ability to bring about creative visions and stay according to film’s budget.

The primary role of a film’s director is explain the script and make it visually. To do this, they look after the artistic and technical elements of film production.To achieve a vision, they are playing important role all the way from the beginning phase of pre-production to the final phase of post production. Moreover, they have excellent communication skills, group leadership skills as well as the creative thinking ability to maintain a completely focused on the film set.

CNC Stage Crafts is the leading filmmaker’s school and has established the good reputation for film making course in pune which involves the fundamentals ranging from screenwriting and directing to more advanced filmmaking course. Because, we have tie up with production house so you will get the chance to direct a short film independently and gain hands-on experience. Further, this short film will be kind of portfolio by which you will get unlimited audition calls.

Our film direction course in pune is an this accelerated course with focus on personal or less than 5 people in a group and 100 % practical training on set which will teach you screenwriting for narrative films, production planning and budgeting, audio and visual tools and techniques, film casting and directing, post production and editing etc. During training, you will be working on several projects related to different types of productions - short films or TV projects.

The faculty at CNC Stage Crafts for film making course in pune fees consists of an experienced mentors and other film professionals from the various areas of expertise. They will teach and make you capable of directing short films, then you will get an opportunity to test it out freely with faculties that will help you to gain the practical experience along with technical knowledge needed to launch yourself as all rounded director.

We offer full-time as well as part-time film direction course in Pune whichever suitable according to your availability. You can also apply for short term film making course in Pune by which you will get exposed to the fundamentals of film and video production. Our course Include -


As a filmmaker, it is important to make your personal brand, like ‘Sanjay Leela Bhansali’. This is only possible if you and your work stand different from crowd. So building your personal brand is an essential to be remembered and recognised with the professional title as film director. Moreover, this course will take you through all the steps needed to take to create and present an unique personal brand to showcase your skills and expertise in film directing.

Film directors are responsible for the creative vision behind a film. As it is a stressful work and has to be on set for long hours, they take right decisions ranging from screenplay to casting the actors to shooting location to lighting, camera and sound. As they work closely with the producer of a film, they act as a manager or judge or friend in front of the crew members on set by giving an orders and demand for specific things.

Along with film directing course, we give the instructions to you on how to pursue different careers within as well as how to begin with their own production business and become an entrepreneur. So attending a film institute in Pune can be your clever decision in order to gain clear vision with the goal as film director. As a career in film making , You can be a:

Before knowing the salary for film directors, you should be ready to work with less money. After getting hands-on experience and exposure to work with some established film directors, there is no limit to earn the money. But all this is dependent upon your talent and skills along with success getting in the work as you will get paid only if your films are successful. Now you can think on; a film is as good as director.

It would be better, if you can start your film directing career by taking any work from above mentioned roles. At initial stage, you prefer to start working as an assistant director on a project depending upon the budget as well as film size and take responsibility for making timely shooting arrangements. Because there is a huge demand of passionate, talented and committed assistant directors in the Indian film industry.

If you are looking to enhance your filmmaking skills and take your expertise to the next level, then contact us to go further!

Life is short, which matters a lot, even for a best Shot.

We Create director in the way of they made for work of direction only. Certain qualities we need to add on apart from Technical skills.


Excellent communication is required to make team who handle complete production activities to make project successful.


Direction is not a copy paste work you have to create something beyond the expectation of people what they are expecting.


As you are a leader of the project so you need to understand on the professional and personal level to solve an issue and make the project into profitability.

Technologically savvy

Technologies is very crucial part of direction.You have to make audience entertaining so you have to experiment with technologies so people also update the technologies.

Open Minded

Director should be open Minded they must need to understand what is going on society, technologies, relations, emotions, behavior and many more thing need to understand and mold in their character to be a social change.


Vision is not a word; it’s an identity of director that how you director the film or what kind of film you direct? or how to film plot? or how you use start cast in the way of your vision and audience expectation.

  • Eligibility: Any one
  • Timings: Morning, Evening & Weekends
  • Course Duration: Depend on Module
  • Training Methodology: 100% Practical Training


Introduction of CINEMA
Pre Production
Post Production

Why Join CNC STAGE CRAFTS for Film Direction?

We have dedicated a team to Audition support. Our team will update you with Audition call for theater, Film & television, Short-film, Video album, Ads agency work. Our Most priority for you works so we always focus on to provide Audition call through our groups, Email Call from our Team.
Audition support
We have dedicated team for Photo-shoot that will help to make your Impactful Portfolio. Our Photographer will shoot your Photograph Indoor & Outdoor and any Location as per as requirement of Photo-shoot..
Free Photoshoot
The purpose of making video shoot of our all Professional course students to make their Portfolio strong and easy to send to casting director. As they will get very systematic representation so they can easily decide the role of Artist.
Free Video-shoot or showreel
Here There is no boundary for creativity As an Actor, director, Scriptwriter, Cinematographer You are ready to work as per as your creative level. You can think and do experiment with the role, shoot, script, location, effect or anything as you want.
Creativity Independency
Our vision to make this stage, not for only CNC STAGECRAFTS student. If you are Learn from other organization and you are not able to do practice or perform on stage or not able to work real-time project then we welcome you to join us as an Internship program.
Internship Program
We do not believe only Classroom training so we are always keeping meeting with celebrity to understand how an industry works. We call director, DOP, Editor, social media expert, Producer, Scriptwriter, dancer etc. to understand the requirement of market and we have to work accordingly to entry in this Dream Industry.
Expert session


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