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Many of you enjoy reading or have a passion for writing the stories based on orally told stories by our grandparents but did you realize that it’s possible to make a career from this talent? Because those written stories makes a book, which get occupied in shelf and turned into film, an best example is of Chetan Bhagat’s - “2 States”. These days, as communication made a very important skills for any profession, writers are in more demand in the market from the internet to advertising to films to television to radio and more.
If you have a passion and active interest in writing for the big or small screens and looking forward to develop your writing skills as part of your career path, then here is that what you need to know about .


What is Script writing?

Script writing is an art as well as talent or an ability of creating a story along with developing the characters and providing dialogues required. This script writing can be an imaginary, or based on a true story or previously written story, like a novel. Moreover, a script writing is a blueprint for the film that will become in future. Film script writing means writing a screenplay on a particular theory which involves the components of lighting, acting and directing. And so, it's being said that “a script should reflect the writer's knowledge.”

To be frank, nobody is paying you to write a script, instead you should be writing it with expectations of pitching the script to a director or producer. When a script is purchased, it turns into a shooting script. This script becomes a kind of the screenplay created for film production which involve the film editing notes, shots, cuts and more. These writers should have an ability to work under pressure while working closely with the directors and producers to write the scripts for films or TV serials.

What a script writer do?

A script writer imagines and visualize a story which is related with many of their own ideas, write it on a piece of paper.They need to develop the base of a story, characters and story lines, then make their story engaging to the audience.The screenwriter gives a right direction to the story for film or TV serials and based on this the director and producer will get the attention of the story to be known. The most important is, a screenwriter consider how the audience will be receiving the dialogues,action, twists and the climax of the story.

How to grow as a Script writer?

CNC Stage Crafts provides a certificate course in script writing in pune who want to study and become a script writer to break into the film industry. This is the place where film directors and production houses search for the trained, talented and creative new writers. Script writing course will provide you the writing skills through personalised training in writing for film, TV, theatre, digital media and more. We provide a good exposure to the professional screenwriting environment along with an encouraging you to develop your creative script writing.

Our script writing course in hindi consists of a group less than 5 students and the film industry experienced faculties conducts example-based as well as practically minded lectures, story telling workshop which can be done either full-time or part-time. In training, you will get a lot of knowledge, get aware of different writing techniques, do in-depth research, study it, create and write stories, develop the characters that engage the audience fully. Later, all of you will have an opportunity to work with directors or producers from leading production houses.

As a provider of marathi script writing courses in pune, our end goal is to ensure that you leave the classroom with sufficient script writing skill and build confidence to start the assignments of writing a script for a theatre play or short film. The dramatic writing for the theatre play is completely dependent on the construction of story. Hence, our story writing classes in pune Is majorly focused on the constructing a strong, innovative, fulfilling and engaging stories to the audiences that can work well on the set.

If you are thinking about a career as a film script writer, you should have a basic writing skills in addition to creativity, self-motivation and patience. Rest, we will enhance necessary skill sets required in this field, by teaching how to create, write and structure a screenplay, develop the characters, prepare the dialogues, use dramatic strategies, about the essentials of writing for a specific segment, and most important, script writer’s relationship with the director and producer. By this, you will generate ideas and start writing a story according to the scenes of your choice.

With the expansion of the film industry in India, the increase in number of of new TV channels and independent production companies, the need or demand for the professional script writers has been increased and as an optional, you may also undertake script writing assignments on freelance basis. So, by end of script writing course, you will be able to determine film ideas, tell a visual story, create screenplays and construct a professional script.

After successful completion of this course you will have various career opportunities -

Now again, do you have an idea for a Film of TV serials? we can assist you to strengthen the writing skills and learn new structures and techniques of writing that can help in positioning yourself in the film industry. So get a taste of this course!

  • Eligibility: Any one
  • Timings: Morning, Evening & Weekends
  • Course Duration: Depend on Module
  • Training Methodology: 100% Practical Training

Here are some screenplays I recommend you read to get you started. You can discuss them here:

  • Action: Gravity
  • Animation: Up
  • Biopic: The King’s Speech
  • Comedy: Mean Girls
  • Drama: Flight
  • Romantic Comedy: Bridesmaids
  • Science-fiction: Looper
  • Spy thriller: Tinker Tailor Soldier
  • Syllabus

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